LANCASTER, PA — Sharenet, a wholly owned division of Paramount Management Group, has announced the introduction of Cash@Work, an ATM program designed to place bank and credit union brands in the most convenient place possible for their account holders – the break room at work.

Cash@Work creates the opportunity for financial institutions to place a branded ATM within local businesses such as offices, factories and warehouses. This customizable program is designed to help banks and credit unions expand their reach in the community and provide cardholders with greater convenience.

“We are happy to announce the addition of Cash@Work to our already robust ATM program offerings,” said Jorge Fernandez, Chief Development and Marketing Officer. “In addition to an increase in brand awareness, these on-site machines promote employee safety and time management by encouraging workers to stay on site during their lunch hour and breaks.”

“The Cash@Work solution also includes our digital media topper which not only allows our financial institution partners to promote their brand and products, it also allows the location where the ATM is located to display informative messages to their employees,” Fernandez continues.    

“As a leader in ATM outsourcing, Sharenet leverages its industry knowledge, capital, connections, and unparalleled service to help financial institutions provide attractive and reliable access points for their cardholders,” said Carlos Siewcynski, Business Development Manager for Sharenet. “Our new Cash@Work program opens the door for financial institutions to increase their role with local and regional employers, provide surcharge-free ATM access to accountholders, financial education and increase deposit accounts.”

ABOUT SHARENET ‒ A wholly owned division of Paramount Management Group, LLC, Sharenet was established in 1994 to serve the ATM needs of credit unions in New York. Today, the company is a leading provider of ATM outsourcing services for financial institutions throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. With programs uniquely tailored to meet the needs of financial institutions, Sharenet offers a comprehensive, all-inclusive ATM management service designed to free banks and credit unions from all operational responsibilities ‒ from equipment ownership to cash management, processing, maintenance, communications and compliance. Visit for more information.

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Jorge Fernandez
Chief Development and Marketing Officer

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