Cash at Work

Sharenet’s Cash@Work program increases your brand reach and recognition through customized partnerships with local employers to place on-site ATMs right where your cardholders work.

Provide your account holders with surcharge-free access while growing exposure to a wide range of ATM users within your footprint.

Expand your Brand Reach with Cash@Work

  • Display your brand prominently within local businesses
  • Provide account and cash access to people on-the-job
  • Increase cardholder safety and security
  • Raise awareness of products and services with customizable branding
  • Grow primary accounts
  • Promote financial education

More Than Just an ATM. A Powerful Marketing Tool.

  • Financial Insitution Quality ATM with a 15” Monitor.
  • Featuring the New Paramount DMS Media Topper that will allow you to display customized rotating ads to promote your products and services, as well as location specific in-house messaging. Remotely managed, the topper can display messages in full motion video as well as still images.
  • Up to Six Customized Rotating ATM Screens that deliver messages directly to employees working for local businesses.
  • Customized ATM Wrap to promote your financial institution’s brand.
  • Totally Hands Off Management of the ATM. No cash loading, monitoring, maintenance, keeping up with compliance or being responsible for upgrades.
  • Affordable Program that expands your brand reach that promote recognition, convenience and safety to potential new account holders.

Download the Complete Brochure Here