Financial ATM Management Solutions

Sharenet pioneered our ATM solutions to fill the growing need of credit unions and small and mid-market financial institutions to increase efficiencies, lower operating costs, and provide additional functionalities through the ATM channel to their customers.

Marketing Materials

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ATM Outsourcing

Frees financial institutions from the operational burden of operating an ATM.

ATM Sharing

Capable of delivering individually branded transactions to the card holders.

Digital Media

Our facial detection system allows for targeting messages to specific customers.

Our Branding Program

Our branding program allows you to maximize your competitive edge and reduce costs.

Surcharge Free Access

Financial institutions need to offer their customers convenient, surcharge-free access to their accounts.

Deposit Imaging

ATM deposit imaging will appeal to both current and potential customers.


Customer engagement is the key to our success. We welcome the opportunity to understand your requirements and structuring a solution that meets your specific needs. We look forward to speaking with you and creating a partnership that will allow you to cost-effectively expand your ATM footprint.



Here at Sharenet, we offer a wide variety of ATM solutions while providing superior customer engagement. 


Sharenet is led by a team of dedicated executives with decades of experience in the ATM industry.


Our customers mean everything to us. We provide the information you need. Download our free marketing materials.